The ElectionsOnline Story


History ElectionsOnline was founded in 2002 at a time when online voting systems did not yet exist, making it one of the original developers of the same. It quickly established itself as the leading innovator as described at What Makes ElectionsOnline the Leading Innovator—a distinction that has been repeatedly solidified over the years as the service continues to evolve. Judging from how often a feature or upgrade introduced by ElectionsOnline is copied by others—it’s fair to say ElectionsOnline is the election service other election services want to be when they grow up.

Emphasis on Simplicity

Emphasis on SimplicityRecognizing that this system is one people will use to make their life and job easier, the expertise of Certified Usabilty Analysts goes into studying user interaction with it to ensure it matches a user’s mental model of how the entire process should work. This means that in your experience with ElectionsOnline, you’ll have:

  1. a user-friendly website that so thoroughly covers everything from pricing to how the service works, that even first-time users can administer elections from start to finish with confidence.

  2. the ability to test drive the service without jumping through hoops. Other vendors may permit test drives after you contact them and turn over personal information to a salesperson. At ElectionsOnline you may test drive on your own terms, with no worry that it will trigger unwanted contact by a salesperson.

  3. no tricks or surprises with pricing. With the pricing calculator, you’ll know exactly what the cost will be without any hidden charges arising later.

  4. understandable documentation to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.


ValuesElectionsOnline does not engage in certain business practices such as telemarketing or spamming either via email, search engines, or anywhere else. Trust and ethics are of paramount importance for any company, but particularly an election provider, and begins not just with providing robust, reliable software, but in all aspects of business.