The ElectionsOnline Story

by David Simms, Founder and President


HistoryI began working in the association sector as a technical writer, which morphed into web developer and again into solutions architect where I would identify inefficient business processes and architect a new and improved approach—usually through the application of technology. As you might imagine, elections was one of these processes. Because at the time (2001) there were no commercial solutions available, I had to create one. That solution would serve as the harbinger of what evolved into ElectionsOnline’s online voting system which has been used since 2002 to help professional associations, unions, businesses, educational institutions, community groups and many more organizations elect their leadership.

Emphasis on Simplicity

Emphasis on SimplicityJust as the product has evolved since those early years, so too has my passion for creating user-friendly solutions deepened. Like most people, I get frustrated when things don’t make sense or when doing something is harder than it needs to be. Recognizing that I’m one of those people whose role is to create something others will use to make their life and job easier, I am deeply committed to applying my expertise as a Certified Usabilty Analyst to study user interaction with the system and ensure it matches a user’s mental model of how the entire process should work. This emphasis means that in your experience with ElectionsOnline, you’ll have:

  1. a user-friendly website that so thoroughly covers everything from pricing to how the service works, that even first-time users can administer elections from start to finish with confidence.

  2. the ability to test drive the service without jumping through hoops. Other vendors may permit test drives after you contact them and turn over personal information to a salesperson. At ElectionsOnline you may test drive on your own terms, with no worry that it will trigger unwanted contact by a salesperson.

  3. no tricks or surprises with pricing. With the pricing calculator, you’ll know exactly what the cost will be without any hidden charges arising later.

  4. understandable documentation. Just as the website itself was designed by professional designers and usability experts, so too is the documentation written and reviewed by technical writers with years of experience.


ValuesElectionsOnline does not engage in certain business practices such as telemarketing or spamming either via email, search engines, or anywhere else. Trust and ethics are of paramount importance for any company but particularly an election provider, and begins not just with providing robust, reliable software, but in all aspects of conducting business.

I also realize corporations are sometimes better equipped than individuals to impact the world and try to uphold corporate responsbility by maintaining membership in 1% for the Planet as described in ElectionsOnline and Trout Unlimited.

Closing thoughts

ValuesWalt Disney was famous for encouraging his imagineers to “plus it.” Meaning no matter how well you nailed the design of something, always take a step back and ask yourself what more can be done to add a little additional improvement. After years of studying user interaction, listening to clients, and taking Walt’s advice to “plus it” at every opportunity—and judging from how often a feature or upgrade we introduce is copied by the competition—it’s not a stretch to say that the ElectionsOnline service has evolved into the election service other election services want to be when they grow up! But try it out and decide for yourself with either a test drive, or becoming a client.