Quality customer care

is a priority of ElectionsOnline and when you have questions, you’ll be able to speak to a human without navigating a maze of phone options.


doesn’t happen by luck and ElectionOnline’s ease of use comes as a result of Certified Usability Analysts applying unmatched expertise to interface design. See for yourself with a test drive.

Integration opportunities

are unmatched as ElectionsOnline leads the industry by far with its ability to plug into your existing technology infrastructure. Learn more at Integrations.

Powered by Amazon Aurora

means your data is backed up six times across three availability zones and able to automatically respond in milliseconds to hardware failures. Learn more about Aurora.

Rigorous security audits

are performed quarterly by a Payment Card Industry Approved Scanning Vendor. This is the same audit ecommerce websites undergo.

Unsurpassed email delivery

for any emails the system sends to voters is made possible through ElectionsOnline’s partnership with SocketLabs, the industry leader in email delivery.

Leading innovation

as described at What Makes ElectionsOnline the Leading Innovator has made ElectionsOnline the election service other election services want to be when they grow up!

Integrating social media into the ballot

is a concept innovated by ElectionsOnline and permits voters to encourage other voters to also vote, thereby increasing voter participation.

Money saving opportunities

such as the repeat usage discount, group account discount and multi-year discount ensure the service is affordable to organizations of all types and sizes! Learn more.

A SOC3 certified

facility hosts the ElectionsOnline web site. This audit, conducted by an independent third-party, ensures compliance with best practices for the security of online assets.

Copy previous election

permits creating a new election by copying a previous election saving you enormous amounts of time. The more complex your ballot setup is, the greater the benefit.

Industry-leading features

presented at the feature comparison chart give you tools first conceived and introduced to the market by ElectionsOnline which remain the most highly evolved available.

Eliminating the perception of vote tampering

requires a vendor for third-party verification. ElectionsOnline’s tools mean you also avoid doing inadequately what a specialist does much better.

ElectionsOnline specializes in elections

so you get not only the technical service, but expert advice on how to ensure a successful election—expertise not available from other firms.

Corporate responsibility

is demonstrated by ElectionsOnline donating 1% of gross revenue to the conservation of coldwater fisheries throughout the state of West Virginia.