Constant Contact Integration

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Constant ContactContact Contact’s leading email marketing solution may be used to manage the email campaign associated with an election. This might include an announcement at the start of an election, plus one or two reminders sent while voting is underway. Using a dedicated email marketing tool for this function provides much more comprehensive reporting than the simple non-delivery report available when ElectionsOnline sends the emails.

While it has always been possible to download the voter roster from ElectionsOnline and load that into Constant Contact prior to sending each of these emails, integrating the two systems relieves the election manager of that burden and keeps the mailing list in Constant Contact up-to-date in near real-time, making it ready for sending an email at any time.

There are no technical skills required in order to get the systems working together, and anyone with access to both an ElectionsOnline and Constant Contact account may very easily get the two systems working together by following the instructions at the Constant Contact Integration Guide. While sending your own emails does permit complete control of the branding and messaging of your message—as well as the ability to do A/B testing to learn what gets the best results—it also presents the ability to be overly verbose and craft an email that doesn’t achieve as high a response to the call to action as it should. Follow the 6 Tips for Crafting Election Emails for best practices for creating an election email.