ElectionsOnline is now Skypunch Technology

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ElectionsOnline Merges With Skypunch Technology As announced back on September 15, ElectionsOnline was in the early stages of merging with Skypunch Technology and that meant making a preliminary announcement to that effect so that clients knew to be on the lookout for emails originating from the domain. That merger is now much further along and ready for this more official announcement.

What is Skypunch Technology?

Among other related services, Skypunch Technology provides Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting by tapping into its network of AWS-certified experts who can help clients with anything AWS related. That could include migrating some or all of their IT infrastructure to AWS, or optimizing existing workloads that may already be in AWS. The expertise offered by Skypunch covers, but is not limited to, things such as:

  • Network configuration
  • Compute services
  • Database development
  • Security best practices
  • Data storage
  • Cost optimization

Skypunch also offers more general consulting for things such as business process optimization, an example of which might be re-designing a paper-driven process into one that is electronic and more efficient. For more, visit the Skypunch website.

What does this mean for existing clients?

It does not have to mean a whole lot. The website at will continue to exist; your account is unaffected; and the process of voting is unaffected for voters. In fact, the only change you'll immediately notice is that the ElectionsOnline logo on this website is now the new Skypunch Technology logo and that clicking it leads to the Skypunch website rather than the homepage of the ElectionsOnline site.

But it could mean more than that. Nearly all ElectionsOnline clients are potential clients for one or more services offered by Skypunch. By operating under a single unified brand, that brand will hopefully be top of mind when it’s time to retain a company for the various services offered by Skypunch.

Are more changes coming?

Yes, though the dates are uncertain at this time. While the companies have been merged into one, the websites have not. The reason for that is to ease into this merger so as to not shock you, the clients, with any abrupt sea changes. In time, the two websites will merge into one, but when that happens, redirects will be put into place so that any web addresses you have saved will take you to the new address and you will still be able to login to your account and manage elections using a familiar interface and process.