Increase Voter Turnout via Social Media

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Increase Voter Turnout via Social MediaUpholding its reputation as the industry’s leading innovator, ElectionsOnline is the first and only to integrate social media into its online voting software with the intent of increasing voter participation. Icons for email, LinkedIn and Twitter now appear on the ballot confirmation page with a short message encouraging voters who've just voted to encourage other fellow voters to also vote. It's the electronic equivalent of the "I Voted" sticker given to voters in many parts of the country upon exiting the voting booth in national elections.

Initial analysis is encouraging. While fewer than 1% of voters are using the social sharing tools, being reminded to vote by a colleague you know personally can be a very compelling thing. As social media becomes a more ubiquitous part of our lives, this development is sure to prove to increase voter participation and of course ElectionsOnline will continuously look to further improve the usage and effectiveness of this new feature.

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