Nimble AMS Integration

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Nimble serNimbleUser has partnered with ElectionsOnline to enable integration between their flagship product, Nimble AMS, and ElectionsOnline’s Evote. This permits Nimble AMS users to satisfy their organization’s election requirements by providing their voting members with either a single sign-on experience where they log in at a Nimble-powered site and are passed over to ElectionsOnline for casting the ballot, or the ballot could even be consumed into the client’s own site and styled to blend in with the look and feel.


Integration Advantages

  • Authenticating voters in real-time against live data.
  • Capture who has voted in Nimble AMS—and who hasn’t. This is not only useful for determining who should receive an email reminder to vote during the election, but also for knowing who the active voting members are.
  • Display the ballot in the voter’s language. If conducting an election across all of North America, you may wish to have the ballot display only in English for voters in the United States, while it displays in English and French for Canadian voters and Spanish for Mexican voters. This is possible by reading the country of residence stored in the AMS for each voter and passing a corresponding language code for them into Evote.

About NimbleUser

Based near Rochester, NY, NimbleUser has been providing technology-driven solutions to professional and trade associations since 1992. Their association management system, Nimble AMS, is built atop the SalesForce CRM platform. For more information, visit

The ElectionsOnline API

The ElectionsOnline API used by NimbleUser to make this integration possible, exposes functionality beyond just presenting voters with a ballot. For more, see the full list of API Methods at the bottom of the REST API Documentation.