Real Magnet Integration

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Real Magnet IntegrationIf your organization is already using Real Magnet to manage email marketing campaigns, you may wish to utilize that platform to handle the marketing campaign that accompanies an election. In fact, if your election uses passed authentication or is fully integrated into your own website (election model flowcharts), you’ll have no choice but to handle your own emails since a voter roster, which would include emails for voters, is never loaded into the ElectionsOnline system for those models.

But even when conducting a fully-hosted election, you may still want to send your own emails to benefit from the very robust delivery and engagement reporting that comes with a mature email marketing platform like Real Magnet. This provides considerably more insight into email recipient behavior than the simple non-delivery report available after an election announcement is sent using the ElectionsOnline system. Lastly, sending your own emails provides you with complete control of branding and messaging.

For all those reasons, I’m happy to announce that Real Magnet may now be integrated into ElectionsOnline. With this integration, when a voter votes, he is recorded as having done so in Real Magnet so any subsequent mailings to your electorate filters out those who have already voted and sends reminders only to those who have not.

How the Integration Works

To be clear, clients have always been able to download an Excel file from their ElectionsOnline account showing each voter’s voting status and load that into Real Magnet to send their emails. The beauty of this integration is that the burden of doing that is eliminated and the Real Magnet contact list is kept up-to-date automatically through the integration.

You will need to perform some configuration in your Real Magnet account to make this work. Fortunately, the steps are few and the integration instructions detail how to do it step-by-step. Very simply, in Real Magnet you must create some Enhanced Personalization fields, then also craft a campaign message that filters out those who have voted. On the ElectionsOnline side, you can specify the name(s) of the Enhanced Personalization fields, then let the magic happen. The updates are not real-time because that could have performance implications for the voting system. But each hour, a synchronization will occur to update your Real Magnet list to have it ready for your next mailing.


By sending email from within your own system, you’re able to try out A/B or multivariate testing on your subject lines and message. That’s good in that it permits finding the secret sauce that works just right, but bad in that it permits things to run amok, so always be guided by the 6 Tips for Crafting Elections Emails.

For step-by-step instructions on integrating Real Magnet with ElectionsOnline, see the Real Magnet Integration Guide.