Results Archive Now Permits Filtering

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Filtering the Results ArchiveElection results have long been stored in an account’s Results Archive. This would happen seven days after the close of an election after all ballots had been entered into the system. On that day, the system would create and store a text file of the final election results into a storage drive which could be accessed at the archive section of My account. One month after the close of an election, once the election was no longer visible at the My elections section of My account, the only way past results could be viewed was in the archive.

Then the system began permitting election results to be filtered by demographics like voter groups, special interest groups and up to as many four custom fields. Filtering requires reading data from a database instead of a file, so while the ability to filter was very useful, it could only be done on the results while they were being stored in the database and while that election was still visible under My elections. Once they were written to a file and stored to the archive, filtering was no longer possible.

That has now changed. Rather than to write the results to a file for storage, the actual database tables that store all the parts of an election remain accessible for up to ten years following the close of an election. This means anyone with access to the results, whether that’s the election administrator, or a member of the public—assuming the election administrator has chosen to publish the results publicly—will enjoy the same exact ability to filter by voter demographics as when viewing the results immediately following an election.