Constant Contact Integration Guide

ElectionsOnline clients who use Constant Contact may wish to use that service to send email announcements to the electorate that voting is underway and possibly also a couple reminders before the voting deadline arrives. Reminder emails should never be sent to those who have already voted, so by integrating your Constant Contact list with ElectionsOnline, it is possible for voters to be automatically removed from your election mailing list in Constant Contact once a person casts a ballot. This keeps your Contact Contact list in a ready-to-use state without the burden of manual involvement.

Making ElectionsOnline and Constant Contact Work Together

There are no technical skills required to set up an integration between ElectionsOnline and Constant Contact, but these instructions do make the following assumptions:

Special note about election configuration

While the point of this integration is to use Constant Contact to send announcements and reminders, you must still include email addresses in the voter roster loaded into ElectionsOnline for two reasons:

Because you will be using Constant Contact to send the announcement email and any reminders, make certain to instruct ElectionsOnline to not send these mailings. In other words:

Preparing Constant Contact for Sending Election Emails

Create and populate a list in Constant Contact of all eligible voters for your election. This is a basic Constant Contact operation and will not be described here, but be sure to use a descriptive name because you will later need to select this list as part of your election setup in ElectionsOnline. A descriptive name becomes particularly important if running multiple elections concurrently.

Sending the election announcement

With your voter list loaded into both ElectionsOnline and Constant Contact, you are now ready to send your initial reminder about voting. There is nothing special you must do with this step to make things work with ElectionsOnline. Simply create and send your mailing in the usual fashion.

Sending email reminders

As voting is underway, you will notice the number of contacts in your list become less and less. This is because as a voter casts a ballot, ElectionsOnline will remove that voter from the list of contacts used for the corresponding election. This means there is nothing special you must do when ready to send a reminder. The list is always in a ready-to-use state because the only contacts still on the list will be those who have not yet voted and should receive a reminder.

Grant ElectionsOnline Access to Your Constant Contact account

  1. Login to your ElectionsOnline account.
  2. Click the Integration Settings link associated with your election.
  3. On this page, underneath the Constant Contact Settings section, click the Grant access button.
  4. If not already logged in to Constant Contact, you will be taken to a Constant Contact login page. If you are already logged in to Constant Contact, you will be taken to the next step.
  5. Once logged in to Constant Contact, you will be notified that ElectionsOnline requests access to your account. Click the Accept button.
  6. You are taken back to the Integration Settings page and notified that ElectionsOnline is now configured to integrate with your Constant Contact account.
  7. You must now specify which list in Contact Contact to associate with this election. On the Integration Settings page, under the Constant Contact settings click the Select a List button underneath the List Name bullet point.
  8. On this page, you will see your Constan Contacts lists. Click the Use this list button for the one you wish to use for this election.

Your integration is now complete and ElectionsOnline will remove contacts from your list in Constant Contact as voters vote. Realize the updates to Constant Contact occur hourly in batches rather than in real time.