Evote Pricing

Prices are per election.
1. Voter count
Specify the number of eligible voters.
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Pricing is based on the number of eligible voters for your election. The more voters you have, the cheaper it becomes per voter. This is one of the reasons why, if you have multiple elections, it’s best to consolidate them into one when possible.
2. Emails
Will ElectionsOnline email voters for this election?
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ElectionsOnline can send up to three emails to voters per election. You decide as you’re setting the election up if you want one sent on the start date (some clients choose to send their own emails), then you may also select a date on which to send a reminder. Reminders are sent only to voters who’ve not yet voted.
3. Election count
Which election of the year is this?
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When running multiple elections in a calendar year, you pay progressively less per voter with each election. For example, the 2nd election means 10% less per voter; for the 5th election, 16% less and so on.
4. Referral credit
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Refer a new client to ElectionsOnline, and 100% of the value of that client’s first election will be applied to your account as credit. It has happened that some clients refer so much new business, they actually end up conducting their own elections for free!
5. Group discounts
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When your account is part of a group of accounts, it can help lower costs for every account in that group. This might happen for example, when a large organization has many smaller chapters, each with their own account.
6. Integrated setup
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When you purchase the iMIS integration, you enjoy a 50% discount on Evote during the year of that purchase up to a maximum of $3000.
For more, see Integrations.