For Unions


Union members may participate in multiple voting events within a year and the ElectionsOnline pricing model, of each election becoming progressively cheaper with each election during a calendar year, ensures you pay only for what you use without having to create any subscriptions. Of particular interest to unions are the following two features of the system:

  1. The elegance of voting not only for individuals contesting open positions, but also referendums. The election manager will appreciate the easy-to-use text editor to mark up old versus new text of a bylaw change or referendum so the voter clearly understands exactly what they are being asked to vote on.
  2. In addition to selecting a predetermined voting option, voters may also add comments. It’s a very useful tool to permit unions to determine not just how a voter voted, but also why they voted that way to better gauge member sentiment on an issue.

For a full list of system features, visit Online Voting System.