netFORUM Integration

April 5th, 2017 by David Simms

Categorized as: Company News, Product Development

Skypunch/Abila integration

netFORUM, the very popular Association Management System (AMS) from Abila, plays quite nicely with ElectionsOnline’s online voting software thanks to an integration from Dovelox. Dovelox, the fast-growing integration specialization company founded by former Avectra (now Abila) employees, has introduced to the market a productized solution ready to deploy for any association using netFORUM.

Productized means they are not simply waiting and willing to take on an integration when a prospective buyer comes along. It means the solution is ready for use, right off the shelf. That’s good, because when dealing with technology, developers never know what they don’t know, and there’s quite frequently a “gotcha” waiting around the corner to complicate any effort to get two systems working together. Complicate may mean over budget or not on time. Or in the worst case, not even possible at all. But a productized integration means all the discovery that is part of the process of integrating multiple systems has already been done. Anything that needs to be worked out has been worked out, and there will be no surprises. In other words, customers may purchase the solution knowing there will be no cost overruns or delays. It will just work.

Why Integrate?

Evote may be used as a standalone solution, so why integrate with netFORUM?

  • Voters enjoy a single sign-on experience.
  • Consume the ballot into your own website and blend the look and feel of the ballot into your site.
  • Record voting activity in netFORUM to factor into a member’s A-score. (“Voting activity” does not mean the ballot itself. Voting is still anonymous, but the activity of voting may be captured.)
  • Voter database stays current in real time rather than become “stale” during the course of an election as can happen when hosting an election entirely on the ElectionsOnline site.
  • Integrate your online communities (assuming your association uses Higher Logic) with the election to increase awareness of the election and drive higher voter participation.
  • Present voters with a ballot in their native language.