Sample Election Results

Results for Online Voting Demonstration

Sample results feature the following randomly-generated custom fields: Age, Gender and State for demonstration purposes (links related to them will not work here). You may associate up to four custom fields with each voter as described at this blog article. Voters may also be grouped into Voter Groups and/or Special Interest Groups (not demonstrated below) to further segment reporting and display different positions to different voters as described at Voter Groups Versus Special Interest Groups.
Where Age is
Where Gender is
Where State is
Total ballots returned = 129

Make no selection. receives 66 votes, 51.16% of the total.
Carl Johnson receives 33 votes, 25.58% of the total.
Terry Harrison receives 30 votes, 23.26% of the total.

Make no selection. receives 69 votes, 53.49% of the total.
Jennifer McAllister receives 32 votes, 24.81% of the total.
Patrick Callahan receives 28 votes, 21.71% of the total.

Make no selection. receives 78 votes, 60.47% of the total.
Brian Norcross receives 26 votes, 20.16% of the total.
Rebecca Sherwood receives 25 votes, 19.38% of the total.

Board of Directors
Make no selection. receives 67 votes, 51.94% of the total.
Albert Harris receives 25 votes, 19.38% of the total.
Benjamin Roberts receives 23 votes, 17.83% of the total.
Allison Lopez receives 22 votes, 17.05% of the total.
Cathy Cogburn receives 22 votes, 17.05% of the total.
Roger Woodburn receives 22 votes, 17.05% of the total.
Jackie Kramer receives 18 votes, 13.95% of the total.

Referendum on by-law change
Make no selection. receives 79 votes, 61.24% of the total.
Adopt receives 37 votes, 28.68% of the total.
Reject receives 13 votes, 10.08% of the total.
Date Ballots cast Running total Percent of total
May 20, 2019 129 129 100.00%