Sample Election Results

Results for Online Voting Demonstration

These sample results showcase, and permit filtering by:
  • Voter groups. Voters may be placed into voter groups to influence which positions appear on the ballot and to permit filtering the results by those groups. Voter groups may optionally be accompanied by Special Interest Groups as explained at Voter Groups Versus Special Interest Groups for further flexibility.
  • Custom fields. Age, gender and state are demonstrated, but it is possible to associate up to four custom fields of your own choosing with voters as described at Enhaced Demographic Reporting for deep insight into how different segments of an electorate vote.
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Total ballots returned = 266
Ballots submitted by guest = 238
Ballots submitted by client = 23
Ballots submitted by voters = 1
Ballots submitted by owner = 4

Terry Harrison receives 113 votes, 42.48% of the total.
Carl Johnson receives 96 votes, 36.09% of the total.
Abstain receives 57 votes, 21.43% of the total.

Jennifer McAllister receives 116 votes, 43.61% of the total.
Patrick Callahan receives 82 votes, 30.83% of the total.
Abstain receives 68 votes, 25.56% of the total.

Board of Directors
Roger Woodburn receives 115 votes, 43.23% of the total.
Benjamin Roberts receives 114 votes, 42.86% of the total.
Jackie Kramer receives 100 votes, 37.59% of the total.
Cathy Cogburn receives 100 votes, 37.59% of the total.
Allison Lopez receives 90 votes, 33.83% of the total.
Albert Harris receives 77 votes, 28.95% of the total.
Abstain receives 51 votes, 19.17% of the total.

Student Representative
Morgan Wormald receives 54 votes, 39.13% of the total.
Camille Enriquez receives 43 votes, 31.16% of the total.
Abstain receives 41 votes, 29.71% of the total.

Referendum on by-law change
Adopt receives 175 votes, 65.79% of the total.
Abstain receives 74 votes, 27.82% of the total.
Reject receives 17 votes, 6.39% of the total.

Voting Activity by Date

Date Ballots cast Running total Percent of total
February 27, 2024 171 171 64.29%
February 29, 2024 95 266 35.71%