“ElectionsOnline has been our go-to voting system for years. It’s easy to use for our staff and our members. On the rare occasions when we’ve had a question, David has been quick to help.”
—Anita Jiles, Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association
“ElectionsOnline has been our election services provider for several years and we have been extremely satisfied with the speed, quality and costs associated with this service. It is a rare thing to be able to make a request and have the President of the company personally see to its implementation but David Simms has been hands on with us from the start of our relationship. I have no hesitation in recommending ElectionsOnline.”
—Lincoln Mead, IT Director of Utah State Bar
“NABE has conducted its elections through this system for a number of years and the feedback fom our members has been great satisfaction. If any questions arose, David responded immediately. I recommend using ElectionsOnline.”
—Dana Collier Smith, Past President of National Association of Bar Executives
“ElectionsOnline was very helpful in setting up my two elections. I had forgotten a step in the setup and when I called ElectionsOnline, they were able to help me fix the problem in minutes. I would recommend ElectionsOnline for anyone, as the customer service is wonderful and the product easy to use.”
—Rodney Prosser, Sommer Pharmaceuticals
“I want to congratulate you on your excellent product and service. With the assistance of your online voting program, we held a very successful annual meeting. We will gladly use your company’s services in the future.”
—James Glattharr, Surrey Strathmore Owners, Inc.
“As Chair of the voting committee for an association with 235 attorneys, I found our transition from paper ballots to online voting very smooth with ElectionsOnline. It was very cost effective and increased our turnout from about 30 to about 120.”
—Dilip Patel, American Immigration Lawyers Association
“This was our second year of going online. Each year has seen an increase in ballots returned. Saves paper, costs and hassles of mailing ballots and tabulating results. I highly recommend this as a much easier and more easily monitored process for running elections.”
—Kelly Sendall, Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections
“I want to let you know how happy we’ve been with our experience with ElectionsOnline. The process of setting up the election was intuitive and simple and your customer service has been outstanding. We greatly appreciate it and will let other bar associations know when the opportunity arises.”
—Karrie Fesette, New Hampshire Bar Association
“ElectionsOnline made our voting process a breeze, both for the voters and for our organization. This was the first time we used ElectionsOnline for our election, and voter participation nearly quadrupled! Our members were eager to vote online and from an administrative point of view, it was simple to set up, and the system did most of our work for us. ElectionsOnline is a great tool for organizations of all sizes.”
—Yvonne McGhee, Fairfax Bar Association
“This was the second year we have used ElectionsOnline to conduct our officer elections. The second time was so easy once you set up a ballot template from the first time. I can’t believe how much money we save in printing, postage, time in stuffing ballots and counting the 3,500+ ballots! Our organization will never go back to paper ballots! The owner, David Simms, is a very knowledgeable and personable resource. Thanks so much for providing this service.”
—Jenny Grote, District 6, Institute for Transportation Engineers
“When our regular consultant was unable to provide us with secure online voting, ElectionsOnline stepped in to save the day. Working with little lead time, ElectionsOnline put together a detailed plan to carry out our online voting, then followed through with a high quality election site, responsive support and results delivered on time and on budget. I highly recommend ElectionsOnline.”
—Barry Kolar, Tennessee Bar Association
“Using ElectionsOnline allowed us to garner more votes than the previous paper system. It was easy to set up, easy for people to vote, and easy to report.”
—Teresa Day, International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
“The ElectionsOnline service worked effortlessly for our election and was a great success. Voter participation went up as voters enthusiastically accepted online voting.”
—Eric Roalson, American Society of Plant Taxonomists
“WCBA moved its judicial evaluation to ElectionsOnline after hearing positive reports from other associations. The survey setup was painless and with good advice from ElectionsOnline, our participation rate went up even in the first year of the new format. Questions were answered promptly, changes were made almost overnight and members found it faster and easier than a paper survey.”
—Chris Cendagorta, Washoe County Bar Association
“This site has made administering elections simple through the easy-to-administer web site and the confidentiality it provides voters.”
—Michele Rollen, College of Public Health
“ElectionsOnline was the best move we made for our annual election of Officers and Directors. It was easy and painless for both the voters and our organization. Our voters enthusiastically accepted online voting and it was great getting the results moment by moment without tallying by hand.”
—Katherine Bifaro, Bar Association of Erie County
“ElectionsOnline resulted in over 300 of our members voting in our recent elections. This is almost five times the number of voters we have had at previous in-person elections. Turnaround time for election setup was fast and questions were responded to very quickly. Great job!”
—Kiron Bondale, Project Management Institute, Lakeshore Chapter
“We needed to set up a board election at the last minute. It took me just about an hour to set up the ballot and voter list and less than one business day to launch it using ElectionsOnline. It was easy and very fast. The process was error free and the documentation good too. The best part was that when I had a question, I called the company and spoke to a knowledgeable person immediately.”
—Courtney Corda, Blackhawk Swim Team
“As a first-time user, conducting an annual election for a professional organization with a small budget, I found the time commitment and expense to be minimal. The election was conducted in about a third of the time with a greater voter turnout. Thank you ElectionsOnline.”
—Shanna Hanson, Heart of America HFMA
“We tried electronic voting last year and the provider was not nearly as responsive. ElectionsOnline was incredibly responsive. The system is so easy to use that I would recommend it unconditionally to anyone looking for electronic election programs. It made my life and that of our election committee very easy.”
—Eileen Swinehart, Jefferson County Association of Realtors
“Thank you for this affordable and easy-to-use system that permits our small non-profit to streamline the election experience with the same system used by much larger organizations.”
—Stan Mocek, Association of Financial Crimes Investigators
“Thank you ElectionsOnline for your simple setup process, great technical assistance, and the ease of voting for our members. We look forward to using your services again.”
—Charlene Baron, BioCommunications Association
“Election process is simple to set up, easy to manage and very user friendly for the voters. It makes running an election or member vote very cost effective.”
—Donald Richetti, Association of Old Crows
“CBBQA has had 10 to 15 percent voter turnouts for our past elections. Using Evote Express this year, we had over 50 percent and got lots of emails from voters about how easy the process was.”
—Grant Ford, California BBQ Association
“ElectionsOnline makes things very easy and provides quick, accurate customer service. Voter turnout increased as voters enthusiastically accepted online voting. We’ll use them for our next election.”
—Richard Haddock, Apple Specialist Marketing Coop
“The CAS reviewed proposals for online elections from nine different vendors and selected ElectionsOnline. We were most impressed with how responsive the proposal fit our needs, unlike the other vendors that tried to change our plans to fit their products. Having completed our elections online, we know we made the right decision. The system was flawless and our members loved the ease of voting online.”
—Mike Boa, Casualty Actuarial Society
“As Elections Chair for an 8000+ member organization, I can say ElectionsOnline was a tremendous asset. Not only did the large majority of members choose this method over the alternative (ballots by mail) but we significantly increased the number of votes received. I especially appreciated ElectionsOnline’s responsiveness, intuitive interface and customization services.”
—Jerry Jimenez, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers