New Pricing in Effect

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New Pricing in EffectElectionsOnline has totally revamped the pricing model for its online voting system. For the first time, the service is now available in three different editions:

  1. Standard
  2. Professional
  3. Enterprise


The differences between the three may be viewed at Online Voting System.

Why the change?

The ElectionsOnline client base ranges from small community groups to large, international associations, so not all clients use the entire collection of features. This change permits the service to now be priced appropriately for the feature set each client uses. Those who just need a quick and simple service with basic functionality, no longer have to pay for API access and the industry’s most advanced integration capabilities.

Things to Know

When this update was made, existing elections already in the system had their election type set to Enterprise. In the future, should a client copy one of these previous elections, the newly-created election will inherit the Enterprise election type whether Enterprise features are in use or not. If an election administrator does not change the election type (at Election Settings) to be either Professional or Standard, invoices will be generated at the Enterprise rate—higher than necessary when only using Standard features. In other words, whether creating a new election from scratch, or copying a previous election, always take care to choose the lowest election type.

More or Less Expensive?

As has always been the case, pricing is based on the number of eligible voters, but for many elections this new model will mean the total cost is actually lower! Do be aware that there is now a $50 minimum charge for any election where there had previously not been any minimum.