Whitelist New From Address for Emails to Voters

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Whitelist EmailElectionsOnline is merging with, and doing business as, Skypunch Technology. That is the first time that's been officially announced and a more fulsome announcement is forthcoming in a few months. As a client, you will not see much changing in the short-term, but it's necessary to make that announcement now in order to make the following, more immediately relevant announcement:

Emails sent to voters by ElectionsOnline announcing the start of an election are coming from a different address. One that should be whitelisted by your voters.

It has long been recommended that clients inform their voters prior to the start of an election to whitelist email from the domain. That should be kept in place for the time being, but along with it, voters should also whitelist email coming from as email announcements at the start of voting as well as the reminders sent during the course of voting will begin coming from any day. The reason to keep the whitelisted for now is that this will be a rolling deployment where both domains will be used concurrently and the exact date on which everything comes from is not known at the time of this writing. 

Also, clients will receive emails for things such as invoice alerts, new blog announcements and everything else from the domain, so clients should do the same as their voter and whitelist the domain.

Stay tuned. The merging of ElectionsOnline with Skypunch Technology means the many associations who have long used the ElectionsOnline voting system will now have access to Amazon Web Services consulting expertise from Skypunch with a long history of specifically serving the association industry. Stay tuned as there is more to come on this exciting development!