Online Voting System

Advantages of Voting Online

Some benefits may be inherent to voting online, others are only possible with ElectionsOnline.

Transparent, immutable and cryptographically verifiable ballots

permit voters and election managers to verify that ballots are true, accurate and valid as described at The Technology.

Certified results

means the change history of each ballot may be audited to be certain no ballot was altered after being committed to the system as described at Election Verification and Certification.

Copy a previous election

to eliminate the need to configure elections from scratch each time. Do it once, and in subsequent years, copy that election specifying only candidate names and election dates.

Reduced costs

are enjoyed when the expenses of printing, mailing and tabulating paper ballots are lessened or even eliminated entirely from the election process.

Email Reminders

help increase voter participation by sending reminders to voters who’ve not voted and providing them with a link straight to the online ballot.

Ballot Scrubbing

ensures no ballot is spoiled due to anything not in compliance with your voting rules by notifying voters, in plain-language, about how to ensure their ballot conforms to those rules.

Ballot Shuffling

randomly orders the candidates’ names on each request of the ballot so all candidates get a fair chance at prime name placement on the ballot.

On-demand Paper Ballots

simplify hybrid elections by allowing an election administrator to generate a voter-specific paper ballot that honors all the election settings just as web ballots do.

Automated Tallying

removes human fallibility from the tabulation process and makes your election results available within seconds of the close of the election.

Comprehensive Reporting

instantly provides you with informative day-by-day statistics about your election beyond just who won, demonstrated at the Sample Election Results page.

Archived Election Results

means all previous election results are readily available at your account which saves you from having to dig through a file cabinet to find results from previous elections.

Ability to correct mistakes

allows voters to go back and correct any mistakes before final submission of their ballot. Once a ballot has been submitted however, it is final and can not be altered.