Online Voting System

ElectionsOnline Technology

The Database

The immutable, and cryptographically verifiable ledger database at the heart of ElectionsOnline, purpose-built for elections, means that only ElectionsOnline can offer bona fide ballot verification and election certification for unmatched election integrity. Do not be fooled into believing all verification is the same. This is not simply a seal or a statement issued at the conclusion of an election that all appeared to proceed normally. Rather, it is the result of having the ability to audit the history of each ballot to be certain nothing was altered in any way after being committed to the system by voters.

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The Architecture

The system is fully hosted inside Amazon Web Services (AWS), widely regarded as the world’s leading cloud hosting provider. While the architecture of the system will remain proprietary, understand that the system is built around the concepts of the Five Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework to ensure a very highly performant system.

The Developers

Executing the well-architected framework mentioned above does not magically happen simply by virtue of running a system inside AWS. It takes specialized expertise to understand how to fully exploit all that is possible and the ElectionsOnline solution has the expertise of AWS-certified Solution Architects, System Administrators and developers behind it.