How to Save on Your Next Election

Multi-Year Contracts

For simplicity you may pay the prices listed at the pricing page on a pay-as-you-go model. But for greater savings, you may wish to contact ElectionsOnline about signing a multi-year contract.


Through the Refer-a-Friend program, you may refer new clients to ElectionsOnline and receive a line of credit equal to the entire cost of that new client’s first election. “New client” means any organization that is not already an ElectionsOnline client. Referring an organization that has already used ElectionsOnline’s services will not earn credit.

Repeat usage discount

To receive the repeat usage discount you do nothing beyond simply conduct multiple elections in a calendar year. The more elections you conduct, the larger the discount. The Evote pricing page shows the discount chart.

Group account discount

Chapters and special interest groups that are part of a larger organization should have that larger organization create a single master account with multiple sub accounts related to it. This account “family” is assigned a promotional code which you may submit at checkout for an instant discount.